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Black Ops 4 Cheat
CoD: Black Ops 4 Cheat

CoD:BO4 Aimbot+ESP+Menu

Free Fire Battlegrounds Cheat

Free Fire Aimbot+ESP+MOD APK

Black Squad Cheat

Black Squad (All Regions) Aimbot+ESP+Menu

Counter Strike: Global Offenisve Cheat

CS:GO Aimbot+ESP+Menu+Recoil

Fortnite Cheats

Fortnite Aimbot+ESP+Menu

Escape From Tarkov Cheat

EFT Aimbot+ESP+Menu+Loot Spawn Cheat

Battlefield V Cheat
Battlefield V Cheats

Battlefield V ESP+Menu

Warface Cheat

Warface (All Regions) Aimbot+ESP+Menu


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Our team of three developers at NeuHacks provide free cheats for a variety of popular and current games. Our hacks are simple allowing us to port them to many games such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite hacks, Escape From Tarkov hacks, free pubg cheats and Rules of Survival cheats. We utilize private anticheat bypasses for BattlEye, EAC, VAC, and other game specific anti cheats. Our cheats do not cost money and are completely safe.

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Download the NHX Loader to see latest cheat updates and current status. Our safe content loading system will load the cheat safely leaving no trace for anticheat detection. It contains all the games we offer hacks for.


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Join us with certainty knowing 120,000 other individuals have officially joined our spot. NeuHacks has more than two thousand individuals utilizing our cheats online each second of the day! Download now and join our royal class site. We have Free PUBG Cheats, Free CSGO Cheats, and free Fortnite cheats.


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Let’s be honest, you would prefer not to utilize a cheat program that will get you banned. Our coding staff has a larger number of years consolidated working background than some other site. Neuhacks has the most secure free pubg cheats undetected undermines the market today.


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Fortnite Cheat

Fortnite’s “Battle Royale” mode takes after comparative gameplay mechanics as other battle royale video games, especially PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This mode bolsters up to 100 players, either people or up to four-man squads, endeavoring to be the last man or group remaining as they chase different players and abstain from being slaughtered themselves. Players all begin with no hardware outside of a pickaxe for asset assembling, and parachute onto the haphazardly created outline. When they arrive, they can search for weapons, defensive layer, and assets, the last which can be utilized to influence different weapons, to reinforcement, or structures, developed from gathered assets in an indistinguishable way from the “Spare the World” mode.

After some time, the “protected” territory of the guide shrivels down in estimate, with those discovered outside the region taking harm and conceivably killed in the event that they stay outside it too long. There are additionally irregular air drops of assets, weapons and things that may expect players to develop floors and inclines to access, with shifting randomized things controlled by irregularity. Players procure in-amusement cash for how well they did amid the round, which can be utilized to buy plunder chests that have irregular character customization choices yet don’t affect gameplay straightforwardly

Black Squad Hack

Another popular cheat we offer is our Black Squad Hack. This is another BattlEye protected game, which makes cheats hard to get or very expensive. Luckily for NeuHacks, our NHLoader system bypasses BattlEye completely allowing us to give you Black Squad Cheats for free! Our Black Squad Hack has an aimbot, esp, wallhack, triggerbot, and many options allowing you to create a Black Squad legit aimbot. Its very powerful, ESP alone can make you very good at this game! We have Clans who use our Black Squad Hack to rank at the top of the leaderboard.

Battlefield V Cheat

Our newest and most advanced cheating framework thus far, the new NeuHacks cheat for Battlefield V. Experience the best Battlefield V Cheat with one of the best BFV Aimbots out, with amazing bullet drop correction and aim prediction which is fast but legitimate looking. This Battlefield V Cheat is completely free but still with advanced security features that allow you to cheat in Battlefield V undetected.

Game Cheats For Free

We offer the latest Black Squad Hack, PUBG Hack, Fortnite Hack, Battalion 1944 Hack, Rules of Survival Hack and much much more. Our cheats are loaded with our custom NHLoader system. This system lets you unlock cheats after you complete a goal. This lets our PUBG Cheats and many others stay free and updated for users like you. If you’re tired of paying $20 a month for cheats for different games, NeuHacks is the right place. All of our cheats are free, but thanks to the NHLoader system they’re still the same quality as pay cheats if not better! We’re a talented team of ex-paysite developers, who want to give completely free and undetected cheats to the world.

Playerunknown Battleground's Cheat

One of our most popular cheats is our free PUBG Cheat, which is revered among its users. Most premium PUBG Hacks can go for 300 dollars a month! Imagine paying that kind of money just to cheat in a game. With NeuHacks PUBG Cheat you can gain an advantage without emptying your checking account. Our Free PUBG Cheat has an aimbot, esp, wallhack, smooth aim, telelort, crate hack, BP hack and many more features.

Fortnite Hack

A relatively new option, we have a Fortnite hack. Free to play making it a prime target for cheaters. Our Fortnite hack has an aimbot, player esp, player glow, teleport, unlimited ammo, instant kill, jump hack, and much more. This game has screenshot protection which our NHLoader system bypasses. There are many Fortnite cheats, but ours has features that give you an advantage above the rest. You can instantly kill another aimbotter before they even see you! Check it out above.


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