PUBG No Recoil AHK Script v5

Recently players in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds have taken to using automated scripts to help them with the game. This is not a new idea and has been used for many games in the past on PC. With Windows being an open operating system, end users find creative ways to hack and cheat the programs they are given. With AutoHotKey, players create pubg ahk scripts that allow them to rapidly fire and control recoil. One interesting thing for this is BattlEye will not detect this scripts as AutoHotKey has many legitimate uses, thus unilaterally banning users of the program is not worth the headache for the devs. There are many pubg ahk scripts, check out the one we provided below.



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Download Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds AHK Script


The autofire script will ONLY work in PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds and ONLY while the mouse cursor is not visible. This means that the auto fire can only go off while you are in game and not in a menu, this allows you to keep Autofire on and continue to manage you inventory.
Make sure to use the auto fire that is for your monitor resolution, currently supported are 1080p and 1440p, you can request a different one here if you need it.
Autofire also Disables the mouse wheel while in game.
Fire rate is randomized between 14ms and 25ms with the randomized value subtracted by 5ms.
Displays Autofire on tooltip when zooming in, if it is on.
Compensation is currently disabled.

Autofire Keybinds: Fire – Left Mouse Button, when enabled
Toggle Autofire on and off – “B”
Enable Autofire – Numpad 1/Numpad End
Disable Autofire – Numpad 0/Numpad Insert

Crouch Jump

All jumps made with the default keybindings will be crouch jumps, allowing the player to jump over and on top of things otherwise impossible.

Disable Mouse Wheel:

Simply disables the mouse wheel from being used in PUBG.
You can still use the mouse wheel in the menus just not to change weapons.

Mute Current Application:

A script that can be used on anything it mutes and unmutes the current application you are in when you press F1.


v2.7 Made all jumps crouch jumps. (Only works with default bindings you will need to change the script yourself if you use other keys.)

Fixed Disabled Mouse Wheel.

Major Update!
Went on Github!
Added Changelog.
Disabled Compensation.
Improved keybindings’ modifiers.
Cleaned up script and added comments.
Added the button “B” as a toggle for Autofire.
Added tooltip when zooming in with Autofire on.

Disabled Mouse Wheel.
Set modifiers for Autofire setup keybindings.
Added tooltip when enabling and disabling Autofire.

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