PUBG Game Session Sniffer Radar Hack

An interesting new proof of concept cheat for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is this pubg game session sniffer. It reads information from your home wifi network and filters out queries pertaining to PUBG. These packets contain valuable data for pubg cheaters such as player information, like their exact locations on the map. Using the info gained from PUBG’s network packets, cheaters can create an external radar showing them everyone’s position on the map. This tactic has been employed in Counter Strike: Global Offensive to create ultra secure, undetectable leauge cheats. Valve eventually encrypted the game packets sent over the network. This vulnerability for packet sniffing exists in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds because the network traffic is not encrypted, allowing external devices to read and display game information. This technique can be used to create a PUBG Phone Radar hack that would be completely undetectable by BattlEye as the radar would not even be running on the same computer as the anticheat. You can also check out our Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds cheat here.


However, BlueHole will not be so apt to patch this vulnerability as their netcode is already a major issue and encrypting things will only make it worse. Check out the cheat example we provided below.

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Download PUBG Packet Sniffer Radar Cheat

“Hi everyone,
i recently started jumping into UE4 packets and needed some help getting the BitReader going. Unfortunately not too many people are working on packets so i figured i release my C++ template for PUBG packets.

The code uses LibTins & WinPcap. (

The source can be also used to process pcap files so you can analyze packets without getting into the game.

I did not make too much progress yet, it’s missing the most important part, the BitReader for the packets, if you can figure this out please feel free to add your code in here. Whoever was writing that BitReader in UE4 was drinking too much Red Bull.”


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