Today we are sharing a new cheat for Rules of Survival. This ROS Hack contains many of the features you need to be good at this relatively new battle royale game. It contains an aimbot, esp/wallhacks, mass kill options and a couple more things. The neat thing about Rules of Survival is it was a mobile game before it was ported over to the PC. As a result of this it has a fairly weak anticheat and the game is rife with cheaters. However the anticheat still takes pictures of your game! A relatively antiquated technique to combat cheaters but still surprising when it shows up. This public hack will help you combat most of the other cheaters. If you want a more advanced and maintained cheat, check out our very own Rules of Survival Hack here.



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This will be my final release for ROS, i hope you like it

UPDATE: Fullscreen Fixed, Aimbot improved a lot! Thanks for aimbot code.
Note: Even if you faced Problems with FullScreen Earlier, I highly recommend you to ENABLE fullscreen , it will work now. Thanks


+ Totally External
+ Offsets are not Signature based, so someday i’ll need to update them
+ Maximizes ROS Screen for best experience (needed by cheat)
+ Undetected
+ Works as of 4.02.18

rules of survival hack



+ Player ESP
+ Item ESP
+ Weapon ESP
+ Robot ESP
+ Player Health
+ Player Distance
+ Item Distance
+ SupplyBox ESP
+ SwapLines
+ Drop Plane ESP
+ Vehicle ESP

+ AimFov
+ Improved Aimbot for different scopes
+ AimHeight
+ AimDistance
+ Smart_Aim
[Note: Aimbot is not good for very close range, good for > 50m]
[Note: It glitches when there are many enemies around in very close range (like at start of round, before plane]
[Note: It aims at body level most of the time, Not at head]
[Note: Aimlock is automatic when enemy is in FOV]

+ Noclip Speed
+ Position Lock (Game can’t force teleport you back) [Glitchy]

(Pass Through Walls,Trees,Homes Anything )

+ Makes ROS FullScreen Borderless
+ Dynamic Window Grabbing technique (should work on upcoming updates)
+ Cool ESP Colors
+ Works with my Chams so you can run both chams and this cheat



Basic Controls:

F1 – Turn on All ESP
F2 – Turn on only basic ESP (robots)
F3 – Turn on SmartAim (recommended)
F4 – Increase NoClip Speed
F5 – Decrease NoClip Speed
J – Toggle NoClip
U – Show Aimbot FOV
Left ALT Key – Toggle Aimbot
Delete – Exit Cheat (Maybe [v100] ROS MultiHack |ESP|AIMBOT|NOCLIP|NUKE|FULLSCREEN|MISC )

[Tip: You can hold this key down to make it faster]

O & P – Adjust Aimbot height [ Locked when SmartAim is ON]

Aimbot Controls:

UP_ARROW_KEY – Increase Aimbot Distance Range by 25m
DOWN_ARROW_KEY – Decrease Aimbot Distance Range by 25m
LEFT_ARROW_KEY – Decrease Aimbot FOV Range by 1px
RIGHT_ARROW_KEY – Increase Aimbot FOV Range by 1px

NoClip Controls

Right Control Key + Arrow Keys :- Move Forward/Backward/Right/Left
BackSpace Key :- Fly Up
Right Shift Key :- Sink Down
Download v100
@relief – Most of this source
@mustain5 – SmartAim
@wlan – Cause why not? xD

~Let me know if i missed out on anyone, i’d be happy to add them

All the members of UC for motivating me

FullScreen Fix (If cheat is going background)

1. Download “ShiftWindow”
2. Install it
3. Now Start the game
4. Start ShiftWindow
5. Click GRAB near “Window title”, Select Rules of survival…..
6. Now Click Trigger at top right
7. Now start ROS Multihack v100
8. Select NO for Fullscreen.
9. Enjoy!”

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