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BATTALION 1944 Hack \\ \\

We are pleased to be one of the first cheat sites to release a new Battalion 1944 Aimbot and fully featured hack. This aimbot is undetected by the anticheat, and contains ESP + Wallhack along with no recoil/spread, speedhack and unlimited ammo. This hack will let you own the battlefield like it was world war 2 all over again. Download below!





-AimKey | Aimbot on key

-Aim Smoothing | Aimbot snapping smooth

-Instant Hit | No bullet travel time


-Name ESP | Shows player’s name

– Box ESP | Box around enemy player

– Health ESP | Displays enemy health



Unlimited ammo


Features unique to our Battalion 1944 aimbot you can only get here.


About the game

This is an early acces game. This means that the game it’s still in early access but hey the good part it’s you can get it and start playing right now. This is good in an FPS game because the community can help the development of the game.
The developers said B1944 it’s gonna be in early access for around 1 year. Don’t worry we will update the hack with every patch and even if it comes faster from early access we will have the hack still available and up-to-date.
This is the classic shooter with the world wars feel. Same classic weapons which we all love and can’t wait to play with them. It’s a 5v5 shooter so it’s similar to Counter-Strike Series. This first person shooter will make your time go so fast, you will want to play more and more and more. Kar98, Thompson these old guns wait for you to play with them and get some nice kills.
In this game movement is one of the keys. Good thing we developed a B1944 Speedhack / B1944 Wallhack for you to get in advance of the opponents.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]