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PUBG Cheat

NeuHacks offers a free PUBG Cheat for all users to download and use. Be the main player with our Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds cheat (PUBG Cheat). With highlights like player esp, loot esp and aimbot you can own the server. These are of course always BattlEye undetected and fully tested before being released to our fans. Please enjoy this special release and all coming updates.

PUBG Aimbot

The cheat comes equipped with an aimbot that is configurable through the menu, with various options like aim smoothing, bone selection, silent aim, and key bindings. There are also recoil options such as no recoil and no spread that help make your weapons pin point accurate. Our pubg aimbot uses an advanced curve aimbot smoothing making it especially good for players who want to play legit.


ESP options in NeuHacks PUBG Hack allow you to see all the enemy players through the walls. With togglable options like Box ESP, Name ESP, Health ESP and Weapon esp give you the upper hand over any player. The ESP has smart distance rendering so your PC won’t be overloaded. Colors for any ESP item can be configured through the menu, giving you a full range of RGB colors with ease.

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Game: PUBG Type: Internal
Operating Systems: Windows (64Bit+32Bit)
Coder: Neuh
Current Status: Undetected on BattlEye, BattlEye Bypass fully working.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Cheat Features

PUBG Hack also has a couple visual options like Chams. This cheat’s misc features are mostly the security, which is parallel with sites that charge you $300 a month. We take BattlEye very seriously and can guarantee you won’t be banned with the right legitimate looking pubg aimbot settings. Our loader system is able to detect updates and checks to see if the cheat is still safe to use.

The thing our users give us the most praise for is obvious, our cheats are completely free. You can download the loader and start using them today!


-Silent Aim
-Bullet Drop Correction

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Game Overview (PUBG Cheat)

The amusement begins with our PUBG Cheat. Next, the players (around 100) are tossed into a plane ride and later dropped by parachutes into a huge 18×18 km graphically rich battleground. From here starts the adventure of survival and procedure. The main thing you have to do is to outfit and attempt to get hold of assets to influence yourself to battle prepared.

You’ll discover assets scattered in structures and houses, and they have a slight shine to them. They incorporate scuffle weapons, sustenance, body protection, medical aid pack and different supplies that would encourage players in the front line and enhance their odds of survival. Once a player approaches the plunder, a provoke screen shows up requesting that they lift it up.

Free PUBG Cheat

The apparatus has diverse levels so when a player gets a rucksack or head protector, they better inspect it. For instance, level 1 and level 2 caps don’t spare them from a shot in the face; just the level 3 head protector gives them most extreme protection from harm. The players can likewise inspire vehicles to accelerate their pace, or they can walk. Autos are boisterous, and they demonstrate the position of a player, so utilize them shrewdly. Vehicles can likewise be utilized to murder different players.

The most critical choice the players need to take when they fall is to choose their arrival spot. High building thickness ranges have assets stuffed into them, however there is additionally a likelihood of pulling in more players, in this manner expanding the odds to get murdered. Scanty areas don’t give much to the players with respect to things however enhance their survival proportion.


The initial couple of minutes are of significance, as we see most extreme ends occur amid that. The play zone shrivels with time appeared by a blue power field. The players need to remain inside the protected zone to remain alive. They go outside, and they kick the bucket. There are no helps; once beyond words’, it. As the circle recoils, the opposition builds conveying every one of the players near each other, offering approach to more killings. Also, the last player standing alive wins.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has its levels of stress and fervor. Players have the alternative to play the high-chance amusement or the moderate diversion including lower chance level. The amusement incorporates red zones for greater fervor. At any given time, a red hover shows up on the screen demonstrating that something radical is going to happen like an up and coming airstrike or barraging, so the player needs to clear the region rapidly and take shelter somewhere else.

The red zones additionally appear on the smaller than expected guide gave to the player. Being in a red zone doesn’t mean the player will get slaughtered, however it’s smarter to keep away from them. This might be a push to keep the players going and add more show to the amusement. Inverse to the red zones are the sheltered zones, which are additionally demonstrated by hovers on the guide. A protected zone implies that the player can remain in the place without being destroyed by the amusement. It essentially rotates around the survival of the fittest idea, a strategic fight amusement that includes snappy choices making and utilizing right gadgets as the players take part in an astounding battle until the very end!


The gameplay of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t exceptionally confounded; it’s less disorderly contrasted with other fight diversions. A player can rapidly begin without watching twelve help recordings. Finding the assets is additionally simple and does not take much time. Once the player outfitted, they can go for the murder. The amusement includes a little fortunes as well, similar to the knapsack you find may contain perilous covering or only a skillet. Get our Free PUBG Cheat today.

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