Fortnite Hack

NeuHacks Free Fortnite Cheat

Game: Fortnite
Type: Internal cheat with menu
Operating Systems: Windows7/8/10 (64Bit+32Bit)
Coder: Neuh
Current Status: Undetected on BattlEye, BattlEye Bypass fully working.

Fortnite Aimbot

Our deadly Fortnite Aimbot locks onto opponents with ease and precision. It moves your crosshair directly to the enemy player, negating the need for manual aiming. Our aimbot has multiple options that allow you to customize it such as smooth aim which allows you to slow down the aimbot snap allowing for a more legit Fortnite aimbot. This legit aimbot looks invisible to friends, other players, and admins. You can also select the aim field of view, the bone which the fortnite aimbot locks onto, and many other options allowing for an aimbot that fits your play style.

With such an advantage over other players, you can will every Fortnite game.

Fortnite ESP

We also include ESP features in the cheat which are essential for anybody cheating in the game. Fortnite is a relatively new game with recent success and a massively expanding player base but the cheats for it are still the same with the exception of the BattlEye system. Luckily BattlEye does not take screenshots which gives us the ability to render boxes and other info on the screen.

Our cheat has a player box ESP which draws a box around all players. It also has Name ESP, showing you their name along with Weapon ESP, Health ESP, Shield ESP, Fortnite Chams and a wallhack. The features are pretty self-explanatory, the name shows you the info of the players on the map.  The ESP has a visibility function that changes color depending on if the enemy is hittable or not.

Along with this is Item ESP.  This shows you the loot around the map, giving you item names and locations. This is especially helpful for when you’re done parachuting as you can run straight to the best guns and health aids/shields. It shows you the type of item, color (blue, pink, yellow etc) and the amount of ammo on the ground. You can toggle certain items on and off in the menu to stop your screen from getting cluttered with ESP.

Free Fortnite Cheat

NeuHack Fortnite Cheat has hotkeys, allowing you to quickly toggle features on and off without going into the hack menu.

All of our cheats come equipped with out NHLoader system, which makes the cheat completely undetected from battleye and allows us to keep it updated for the latest game version and patches.

Fortnite is only going to get more popular, so jump in the battle today with out Fortnite Cheat.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]



Time is in local server time [LST]

Fortnite Cheat: Online

Loader: Online [checked 04:21:29]

Cheat Server: Online [checked 11:01:45]

Web Server: Online [checked 15:11:49]


-Snaps to Heads
-Not Detected

Player ESP:
-Name ESP

Item ESP:
-Color (Rarity)

-Chams: F7
-Item ESP: F8
-Aimbot (Toggle): F9
-Aimbot: Right Click